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Client Love Letters

Hear from Our Happy Clients

Crystal is just exceptional. She's not overwhelming and provides the right amount of information, resources, and guidance at the right time throughout the pregnancy journey. She's extremely encouraging, and with her my family and I were able to experience the birth we dreamt of! This was an amazing partnership and I wouldn't have traded it for the world. This is my second birth and I wish she were with me the first time. I learned so much from her and couldn't ask for anything else. Emotional, physical, spiritual, and health policy support are unmatched! Our beautiful baby came earth side at home where I felt empowered, strong, safe, and committed to a natural water birth! She's the doula we all need. Our family is forever indebted to her.

Janelle A. - Oct 2023

We appreciated Crystal's service during our first pregnancy, so we hired her again for our second. She was once again professional and helpful and made our birth a better experience.

Anonymous - Sep 2023

Crystal was such an asset to our birth team! She spent a lot of time with us before birth, planning, and helping us prepare. When our birth plans changed unexpectedly, she helped us make the necessary transition in care, and was there to help labor move along smoothly and quickly. I can't imagine doing this without her! Both my husband and I were so grateful to have her there.

Kate P. - July 2023

I truly cannot imagine going through my pregnancy and birth without Crystal. From answering all my questions, prenatal massages, giving me all the best tools to go through a hospital birth, all the way to being an amazing support through labor and ultimately my c-section. She made me feel good about a tough situation and supported me in postpartum as well.

S. Bockstanz. - July 2023

Crystal was an amazing addition to my birth team! She was incredibly supportive through my pregnancy and gave me great advice to help with typical aches and pains during pregnancy. I fully believe her support is why my birth went as smoothly as it did. From the moment she came to support me, she knew exactly what to do to help things move along and involved my partner every step of the way and her calm demeanor was so helpful during labor. Once baby had arrived, she was so attentive to me and made sure I was fed and comfortable. I am so thankful for her support. I highly recommend Crystal to anyone who is looking for a doula for their birth team. Crystal is knowledgeable, comforting and everything a doula should be and more!

Gabrielle W. - July 2023

I cannot say enough great things about the support Crystal provided me and my family! She was flexable with our prenatal appointments as I moved across country towards the end of my pregnancy, accommodating both virtual and in-personal visits. Her calm, heartfelt, and supportive demeanor was incredible. Her knowledge of positioning was without a doubt the reason I was able to progress effectively; I will forever have a love/hate relationship with a peanut ball! She was so kind with my birth team, showing them and coaching them through techniques to help with my pressure and discomfort. I am so grateful for all of this and so much more ❤️ She was such a wonderful and essential part of my daughter's birth!

Mikayla S. - Sep 2022


The first time my husband and I met with Crystal, we knew we wanted her to be our Doula. She was so kind and I felt like I learned a lot during our meetings. I ended up having a more complicated birth than we all expected, but she was so supportive and went above and beyond to meet our needs and provide assistance and comfort to us!

Abrey P. - Aug 2022

Crystal is such a supportive and knowledgeable professional. Her services helped me greatly during pregnancy. But beyond that having her with me during labor was such a great gift. She helped encourage me when I didn’t want to change positions during labor but needed to. Ultimately she is an amazing resource to have for pregnant women in the Colorado Springs area!

Lilyth & Travis - May 2022

Crystal was amazing! She provided so much great information and support that helped us achieve the natural birth experience we wanted. We looked forward to her positive energy during every interaction!

Linda & David - May 2022

I greatly appreciated having Crystal with me as I was going through active labor at home. My husband and I were able to get through early labor by ourselves, but I really needed some extra help when we called Crystal to come. She put me through some positions to speed labor along as well as used some comfort measures that made a huge difference. Her help made the last part of my labor much easier than it could have been, and I would love to hire her again for my next pregnancy.

Charis H. - Mar 2022

To sum it up: Crystal and the Doula-in-Training, Chrystina, were both incredibly helpful sadists.. I say that in the most appreciative way possible! Throughout the pregnancy, they were both very wise and not in the least judgmental of my personal preferences. I worked more with Crystal due to getting several extra massages, which let me get to know her and feel more comfortable, both emotionally and physically. When I went into labor, she first kept me calm over the phone, then provided comfort, clarity, and support throughout the entire process. As far as the sadist part, Crystal knew exactly how far to push my past my comfort zone during contractions (ex. squatting- OUCH) and how to help me maximize my energy during rest (drink, eat, massage). She also made sure I didn't cave-in when I started considering pain medication and reminded my husband to sit, eat, and help where he could. I am so happy both of them were able to help me bring our son into this world!

the Wiley Family - Apr 2022

Crystal was exactly the support I needed to help me through my first pregnancy and an unmedicated labor/delivery. She did an excellent job of preparing my husband and me for childbirth, answering all our questions along the way, giving us lots of tools for success, and empowering us to make the best decisions for our family and circumstances.

the Vanlandingham Family - Jan 2022


Crystal was absolutely essential when building our support team. She ensured that we were informed throughout the pregnancy and supported emotionally. This was our first pregnancy so we were completely unsure what to expect. Crystal was knowledgeable well beyond the expectations of a doula. We loved how supportive she was of any choices we made. During labor, she was an essential team member guiding my partner though support techniques while also providing support herself. I loved having her massage services as well ensuring that my body was well prepared to have the delivery that I was hoping for. Highly recommend Crystal as she goes above expectations time and time again even into the fourth trimester.

the Chumaceiro Family - Dec 2021

Crystal was everything you could ask for in a doula. From birth coach, to massage therapist, to support system for my husband when I was crying through contractions, Crystal was the rock we didn’t know we needed.

L. H. - July 2020

Crystal was very caring and professional throughout our pre and post partum time. There were some challenges towards the end of my pregnancy that required a lot of hard decisions. Crystal provided additional info when needed and supported our choices. I ended up having a precipitous delivery so we didn't get to work with Crystal during delivery itself, but she planned an extra post partum visit to talk through some of the shock associated with that. We highly recommend Crystal!

A. V. - March 2020

I highly recommend Crystal with Active Peace Maternity & Massage; working with her during my pregnancy was such a great relief that I didn’t know I needed. She was professional, personable, knowledgeable and made me feel really comfortable with my birth experience. She was also a wonderful help during the postpartum appts and follow ups. I recommend hiring Crystal - I’m really glad I did!

V. L. - Jan 2020

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