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Booking & Cancellation PolicIES

Please read this Booking & Cancellation Policy carefully before using scheduling your appointments.

General Booking & Cancellation Information

Online Scheduling:

As this is a mobile business, there are no walk-in appointments available. All appointments must be scheduled online through the appropriate booking links. Same-day requests are only available to those who have prepaid for specific "on-call" services and can NOT be scheduled online. Online availability will only show the next availability, and will NOT show any appointments less than 24 hours in advance.

Credit/Debit Card on File:

All "à la carte" services require full payment when booking. Services with payment plans require a card on file for automatic payments. 

All complimentary/free consultations require a card on file for enforcement of the cancellation policies outlined below. If your card is declined during enforcement of these policies, you may be barred from future services.

Cancellation/"Late Cancellation"/"No-Show" & Rescheduling Policy:

To be effective and fair to all of my clients and considerate of my own time, I require a minimum of 24 hours' notice for cancellations and rescheduling requests.

All rescheduling requests received with less than 24 hours' notice will be considered a "Late Cancellation".

A "No-Show" is considered to be anyone who either forgets or consciously chooses to forgo their appointment without giving adequate notice for whatever reason. To avoid this, clients and potential clients receive appointment reminders via email and/or text to the contact information on file.

Client Forms & Information

To provide the highest level of personalized care, it is important that appointment forms are completed accurately with the name of the individual who will be receiving the services. This allows us to tailor our care to their specific needs and ensures effective communication throughout the process. We kindly request that appointments are booked in the name of the recipient.

Please complete any/all provided forms prior to your scheduled appointment. Missing or incomplete forms may result in cancellation of your appointment, which will be counted as a "missed appointment/no-show".

****No refunds will be issued for No-Shows. Other fees and refund policies are outlined under each service type.

Discovery Call Booking & Cancellation Information

While the complementary 30-minute Discovery Call is offered at no cost to you, it is not no-cost to me. All No-Shows are assessed a missed appointment fee of $50. This fee will be charged to the card on file.

You may only reschedule this appointment TWO times, the 3rd attempt will require a refundable deposit of $50. No refunds will be issued after the 3rd attempt, and you will be directed to schedule a prepaid maternity consultation.

Prepaid Appointment Booking & Cancellation Information

Prepaid appointments include both individual service and package purchases - massages, maternity & health consultations, massage series, and doula services.

Individual services are available for online scheduling and required payment at booking. Cancellations received more that 24 hours in advance will be processed for a full refund. Late cancellation requests that are received at least 12 hours in advance and less than 24 hours in advance will be processed for a partial refund of 50% and must be requested by text or client portal message. No-Shows and Late Cancellations less than 12 hours are not available for refund unless exceptions are approved. Online cancellations and rescheduling is not available less than 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

Packages are eligible for full refund when requested within 5 business days of purchase and before any services are provided. After 5 business days and before any services are provided, packages are eligible for a refund minus a $50 cancellation fee. Packages can be cancelled at any time, however, services provided will be calculated at the non-discounted rate to determine the remaining balance available for refund.

Other Maternity & Health Consultation Considerations

Appointments for Virtual Doula clients, including clients who have purchased "à la carte" consultations, are conducted virtually via Zoom. Only Birth Doula & Massage Doula clients have the option for both in-person and virtual consultation appointments. in-person consultation appointments can be requested for an appointment TYPE change (from in-person to virtual) up to 3 hours before the original appointment time. Other cancellation and rescheduling requirements still apply.

Other Cancellation/Rescheduling Terms and Exceptions:

*Weather* - In the winter, I follow District 49 winter school delays and closures. If D-49 schools are closed, ALL appointments for that day will be cancelled. As a mobile massage therapist, I also take into consideration the various areas my clients live. Safety is of utmost importance, so I may call you to verify road conditions and ask that you please be honest about your area. If the school district you live in is closed, chances are road conditions in the area will also mean it's too dangerous for me to arrive safely. I may also cancel evening appointments if the weather is worsening.

Occasionally, Colorado summers bring HAILSTORMS. If it is hailing or there is a tornado/hail warning, I will reach out to reschedule your appointment. If it's not safe for you to be out, it's likely not safe for me either.

ALL Discovery Call appointments are conducted virtually, via Zoom. As such, weather will typically not affect availability or need for rescheduling. In the event of an internet connect issue, Zoom appointments may be changed to phone calls.

*Illness* - Since I am in frequent contact with pregnant people and families with newborns, I will reach out to reschedule any in-person appointments if I am ill and/or have a fever. I expect you to do the same, please reach out to reschedule if you are ill. All in-person appointments require a completed symptom check form at least 2 hours prior to your appointment. If it is not received, your appointment will be marked as a No-Show and your prepayment will be forfeited.

*On-Call* - I am a Doula to multiple families, so I am often on-call to physically support another client during labor and childbirth. When booking your appointments, you may see an automated booking note that I am on-call for another family during that timeframe. I generally start on-call when a client is 38 weeks pregnant until the end of their pregnancy. I will notify you ASAP of a cancellation on my end if I am called to a birth and need to leave/will miss our scheduled appointment time. I will reach out afterwards to arrange for rescheduling with no cancellation penalties to you. Refunds will automatically be processed after 72 hours if we have not been able to communicate for a future appointment.

*Your Birth* - As a Doula, this also means I understand that BIRTH HAPPENS. If you and go into labor AND you do not wish to keep your prenatal appt (I can do massage right up until you're prepared to leave for your birth place), please reach out as soon as you are able to, or no later than 2 days post birth, for cancellation and refund request or to use the prenatal session purchase amount towards a postpartum session within 2 months of the birth (If I don't know you've given birth, I won't know you weren't a No-Show).

**Any requests for exceptions to the cancellation/no-show policy will be handled on a case-by-case basis and must be requested within 48 hours. Approval of exception requests are not guaranteed.**


Appointment reminders are sent via text and email. Blocking these reminders will prevent you from receiving information about your appointments. As part of our Anti-Spam Policy, these reminder messages will only have information regarding your appointments.


If you have any questions about this Booking & Cancellation Policy, please contact us at the following

Email: [email protected]

Office Text: 719.03.5793

By Mail: Active Peace Maternity & Massage, LLC, PO Box 25003, Colorado Springs, CO 80936., USA.