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Maternity coaching & Baby Planning

At Active Peace Maternity & Massage, we understand that the journey to parenthood is a transformative and exciting experience. To support you on this incredible journey, we offer a unique blend of Maternity Coaching and Baby Planning services. Our goal is to ensure you're well-prepared, both emotionally and practically, for the arrival of your little one.

Preparing for pregnancy, birth and postpartum, as well as documenting your preferences, is a great way to make sure that everyone sharing your experience with you, knows exactly what you are hoping for throughout your journey to parenthood.

Baby Planning:

Prepare for Your Bundle of Joy

Baby Planning services, often referred to as maternity concierge services, are designed to help expectant parents create a nurturing and functional environment for their baby. Whether you're a first-time parent or adding to your growing family, our experienced team is here to assist you.

Baby Planning services include

  • Nursery Setup: Let me help you design and arrange a beautiful and functional nursery that suits your style and your baby's needs.

  • Baby Gear Recommendations: With an overwhelming array of baby products on the market, get expert recommendations on essential baby gear to make your life easier.

  • Personalized Baby Registry: Assistance in creating a personalized baby registry, ensuring you have all the items you need for your new addition.

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Maternity Coaching:

Transform your birth experience

Transformational Maternity Coaching, are focused on helping you overcome internal resistance and challenges, fostering a positive mindset as you approach birth, and equipping you with new ways of thinking and being throughout the birth experience.

Maternity Coaching services include:

  • Mindset Transformation: Form a positive mindset regarding the upcoming birth, providing you with the tools to approach this transformative experience with confidence and clarity.

  • Skill Development: Acquire new skills that will serve you well during labor and birth, ensuring you're prepared for a positive birth experience.

  • Emotional Support: Address any fears or concerns and guiding you toward a more peaceful and empowering birth journey.

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Prenatal Prep ↓

priced at $500, includes:

  • Prenatal visits (3-5 hrs of virtual only "face-to-face"* time)

  • Discount code towards membership for [M]otherboard Birth

  • email and phone/text support throughout pregnancy and up to your little's birth day.

  • Unlimited text support throughout labor

[M]otherboard Birth App ↓

Receive 1 full year of complementary Bronze access to [M]otherboard Birth with any paid consultation or coaching/doula package. 

[M]otherboard (aka visual “birth plan”) is a creation platform where you can research, select, and share your birth preferences with your support team in real time, on any device. [M]otherboard is where education meets collaboration and informed decision-making.

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