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Massage Doula Services

Active Peace Maternity & Massage offers outcall only Perinatal Massage services to Colorado Springs and surrounding area.

Travel fee notice*: For any drive distance greater than 25 miles from 80922 zip code, there will be an assessed travel fee. This cost will be added to your invoice and will cover all the visits involved in your chosen package.

Massage Doula?

A birth doula is someone who is trained and experienced in supporting families during pregnancy, labor, and birth. Doulas are an invaluable asset to any expecting family, providing physical, emotional, and informational support throughout the childbirth process.

As your "Massage Doula", I also bring all my skills as a licensed massage therapist trained, certified, and experienced in massage for pregnancy (include massage while on bedrest), early and active labor, as well as for postpartum recovery.

Your first 30 minute Doula Discovery is always FREE. During this session, my aim is to make sure we are comfortable with each other, as personal connection is very important in developing the deep trust necessary for this transformational journey.

Book a Doula Discovery Call


In person support

birth Doula


  • Prenatal and postpartum visits (7-9 hrs of "face-to-face"* time)

  • Bronze membership for [M]otherboard Birth

  • ON CALL starting at 38 weeks gestation, earlier if high risk for preterm or expecting multiples

  • Acupressure for Labor Instruction (and session available)

  • In-person Birth Attendance (active labor thru at least 2 hrs post-birth)

  • email and phone/text support throughout pregnancy and up to 12 weeks postpartum.

Massage Doula Upgrade


  • All of the above, plus

  • Maternity Massage series add-on: Deluxe Prenatal Comfort/4th Trimester Recovery Series - 90min 8pk series ($1000 value).

    Use your 8 sessions in any combination you'd like of prenatal and postpartum massages.

  • Postpartum Herbal Abdominal Massage with Belly Bind & binding service ($175 value)

Book a Doula Discovery Call

Virtual support

Prenatal/birth planning


  • Prenatal visits (3-5 hrs of virtual only "face-to-face"* time)

  • Discount code towards membership for [M]otherboard Birth

  • email and phone/text support throughout pregnancy and up to your little's birth day.

  • Unlimited text support throughout labor

Virtual Doula upgrade


  • Prenatal and postpartum visits (7-9 hrs of virtual only "face-to-face"* time)

  • Bronze membership for [M]otherboard Birth

  • ON CALL starting at 38 weeks gestation, earlier if high risk

  • Unlimited text and phone call support throughout labor

  • Optional video labor attendance (3hrs included, then additional +$50/hr after)

  • email and phone/text support throughout pregnancy and up to 12 weeks postpartum.

Book a Doula Discovery Call

Don't let cost be a deterrent, payment plans are available. (A 2.5% convenience fee is added to all payment installment plans)

Also available is customizing your own Massage Doula Package!

Military Discounts also available with proof of service.

Your Questions Answered

What are some Benefits of having a doula?

Studies show birthing people who are cared for during labor by a birth doula, compared to those receiving usual care, were:

  • LESS likely to have unnecessary interventions

  • MORE confident in their pain management choices and coping skills, being less likely to use any analgesia or anesthesia

  • IMPROVED communication with their care providers

  • MORE satisfied with or positively rate their birth experience, feeling heard and supported throughout

What will we be working on together?

We'll have several visits and check-ins over the course of your pregnancy to define and clarify your options and preferences, as well as filling your "toolbox" with skills and techniques for you and your partner to use during labor.

During your labor and birth, I will provide as much support and guidance as you (and your partner) need to bring forth your birth vision and facilitate the most positive birth and immediate postpartum experience attainable.

As you move into your postpartum recovery, we'll have a few more visits to ensure you and your family are transitioning well and have any additional resources you may need or want. I'll also be available to listen as you process your birth story and to answer questions through your 4th trimester journey.

What package customization and payment plan options are there?

All packages will have payment plan options for 2, 3, or 4 monthly payments. Payment plans will include an additional $25 convenience fee. All packages can also be customized to include additional maternity/perinatal visits. You may also add prenatal/postpartum massages to create your own Massage Doula Package.

If you are interested in a package that does not include labor/birth support (in-person or virtual), please see the Maternity Coaching Services for available non-birth packages and individual consultation appointments.

How soon should I hire a doula?

In most instances, the sooner the better. Doulas often get booked months in advance, so hire your preferred doula early!

This is especially true if you want in-person support during labor or if you might need a payment plan, which should be paid in full prior to your on call window. Unfortunately, this also means there is no discounted rate for last minute doula contracts.

Be sure to check the birth attendance availability calendar, or reach out to me to check availability for your due date.

what kind of births do you offer doula support for?

My doula support can take place wherever you choose to birth: home, birth center or hospital (virtually or in person-locally). I have supported births at all of the local community hospitals, including Evans Army Community Hospital on Ft Carson (I have post privileges on all the local military installations). I have also supported births at Beginnings Birth Center** and homebirths.

If your estimated due date is unavailable, virtual support* may still be available. You also have the option for maternity coaching and massage services throughout your pregnancy and postpartum recovery even without doula services. 

*Virtual support will not meet the doula support requirement for providers who require 1st time birthers to attain doula services, this includes births at Beginnings.

**While I am happy to support your birth wherever you choose, I am no longer listed on the Beginnings' "preferred list" for 1st time birthers, as previously being the only Black doula "approved" when other Black doulas were not being added (and currently still aren't). If you would like a Black doula to support your 1st birth at Beginnings (myself or any of the other Black doulas in the community). You must tell them that is an important choice for you.